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SolarDay was founded by two of the nation’s leading solar consultants, with 2 core principles in mind:
First, to help homeowners go solar without any cost or cumbersome loans. Second, to provide the most exceptional installation and service program in the’s as simple as that! We promise your experience with SolarDay will be second to go ahead and make today a SolarDay!

Solar-Day About Our Company

With electricity rates going through the roof and no end in sight, there has never been a better time to go solar. With SolarDay, we explore all your options, and figure out which option makes the most sense. Our friendly and experienced staff of consultants has helped thousands of homeowners make the right choice…if we can’t save you money, we won’t ask for your business. Contact us today to get the straight answers…no beating around the bush, no high pressure sales tactics… just good, friendly, and honest answers.

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Who we are?

Truth be told, SolarDay was founded and currently operated by solar geeks! We have a passion for solar, and a passion for saving people money.

What we do?

We help homeowners go solar…period. We don’t do cabinets, we don’t do air conditioning, and we don’t do windows! Solar is what we do, and we do it great.

 Where we do this?

If you live in California and you’re interested in saving some cash, we’re interested in talking with you today. SolarDay provides exceptional service throughout the entire state, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Save up to 40% off your electric bill, without any out of pocket cost, or loan. Get a free quote and make it a SolarDay!



Is your business getting crushed every month by your electric bill? Let us help alleviate the pain…get a free quote today.


Customer Testimonials

  • Thanks again for the great presentation and zero pressure when you met with us. It was a breath of fresh air, and made me happy I contacted you.

    Marisol B, Lemon Grove CA

  • The rep who came and met with me, Jason, was super nice, and clearly laid out my options. He showed me the benefits of a PPA, and the benefits of actually buying the system. Their pricing for purchase was the best I had seen, but I still chose their 0 down PPA option because now I never have to worry about monitoring or maintenance. Looking forward to years of savings and great service, many thanks.

    Thomas M, Murrietta CA

  • So psyched that now everyday is a SolarDay for me! Thanks guys, you are the best.

    Clarice G, Carlsbad CA

  • My brother purchased his system through SolarDay, and I went with the PPA. SolarDay was great because they have all the solar options, and we figured out which one fit best for me.

    Manuel R, Vista CA

  • The rep from SolarDay was very cool, very nice, and seriously on top of his game. It was a breath of fresh air after being fed lots of conflicting info from other companies. I highly recommend you use their service.

    William S, Del Mar CA

  • Don’t even bother calling anyone else, unless you want to waste a lot of time like I me when I say that SolarDay is the only way to go.

    Monique P, El Cajon CA

  • My bill was killing me and I wanted to go solar, but didn’t want to get a loan. After choosing SolarDay, I got a free solar system, immediately lowered my bill, and locked in an extremely low rate. Thanks guys!

    Marcus W. , Temecula CA

  • Super impressed with the team at SolarDay. By far the most friendly and low pressure sales out of all the companies I met with. Do yourself a favor and call them first!

    Eric V., Ramona CA

  • I met with numerous solar companies, and then I met with SolarDay. The rep was very nice, very knowledgeable, and clearly explained all my options. At that point it was an easy choice to go with SolarDay.

    Amy K, San Diego CA

  • I was able to instantly start saving 32% off my current electric bill...and I didn’t pay any money! It’s the only way to go solar, I highly recommend SolarDay.

    Sharon M. , Escondido CA

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